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English for Creatives 

Blue Noun is an artist-run independent English language hub in Perthshire, Scotland.

It’s led by Ruth Pringle, an artist & ELT English coach.

We have a small core team of amazing creatives who help develop your English for Creative Careers. 

Step inside Scottish Artist’s Studios – Virtually

Perthshire is a hotbed of contemporary & traditional arts and crafts (it recently became the UK’s only UNESCO world heritage site for crafts).

During the summer months, we take our holiday guests to meet artists for English conversation practice.

Thanks to WhatsApp etc., we can replicate this informal information exchange in our online English courses.

Local artists are frequent guest lecturers & collaborators supporting all our digital courses for English for Creative Careers. 

Discover our Network of Scottish Makers, Artists and Creative Professionals.

artist studio with large painting of portraits

Artist Lisa Scrimgeour in her Perthshire studio

Further Information


Learn more about Ruth with this Biography about the years between graduating with her MFA in Fine Art and starting her business.

Read her Self-Portrait Through Tech (an exercise in English for you to try too).