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English for Creative Careers

Artists, Designers, and Makers, we have your English needs covered.

See our course options below. 

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For creatives needing a boost.

Amplify is a creativity workshop & visibility challenge.

It’s all about showing up in English – but it’s nothing like English ‘lessons’.

Amplify is an art-making challenge designed to take you out of your comfort zone.

Take our 5-Day Amplify Challenge when you need to feel inspiration and excitement for making your art. 

price 99

Available This Month

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Emergency Online Artist Interview & Presentation Coaching

In a hurry?

We offer an afternoon of coaching specifically for presentation development.

  • Private 1:1

Choose this option to succeed at interviews and presentations ONLY if you have a deadline within a month.

price 249

Available This Month

English for Creatives Pure Makers courses

Pure | Presentation Skills Coaching

  • Private 1:1
  • Guest experts

Take this online English course and deliver your message with style. 

6 weeks of private coaching. No group. No other students.

Workshop your presentation with a mix of English teachers & coaches, ELT-trained creatives — and practising artists & designers.

price 595

Starts October 2024

Sketchbook English logo - English for creative careers

Don’t translate Your Work,

Make Your Work

Online English Course Option for Creative Professionals & Visual Thinkers

Helping Artists, Designers, Makers & Creative Thinkers get fluent in spoken English.

  • Flexible, ‘blended’ learning (Whatsapp)
  • No loss of studio time
  • Private 1:1
  • Guest experts

Don’t get squeezed into an ill-adapted education model. Creatives: 

  • learn differently*
  • need unique language skills

Communicate in professional contexts without inhibitions or limits. Collaborate, travel, exhibit & sell internationally (and be the creative, world-changing force they can be).

price 1225

Available This Month

art immersion week in Scotland

 Get Creative

with an Artist Residency

in Scotland

Spetember 2024

Art and Design Professionals:

Choose a specialist English course to grow English for Creative Careers.

Unsure Which Course to Choose?


If you want a creative week making artwork in English, choose Amplify.

But if you need to boost your presentation skills for artist talks, product presentations or an interview, choose Pure (unless you have 1 specific event in mind. In that case, choose Presentation Perfect).

If you need your English for less formal professional events, to live in a new country, to collaborate with international peers, or to amplify your visibility in the international world, choose Sketchbook English.

Find the details of each course by following the links below.