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Say Nothing Less Than What You Mean

Pure Presentation Skills for Makers

This page is for international artists, makers or producers who need to present their work in English, either in front of an audience – such as at artist talks and conferences  – or in private settings like pitches, sales meetings & collaborations.

PURE starts in October 2024.

If your needs are urgent, see our Emergency Presentation Coaching. 

Do You Need to Up Your Presentation Level?

No one knows your work better than you do. You’re a maker. You, eat, sleep and dream about what you do.

Only sometimes, you need to present in public: to make sales, secure funding – or progress your career.

That can make you vulnerable in any language, but do your current English skills allow you to express yourself fully during presentations?

Ask yourself, Do I sound like myself in English?

Or is my information, style, purpose and personality getting lost in translation?

International Makers Need to ‘Talk the Talk’ 

You know makers need to speak fluently and convincingly about their work in ways which please or impress others.

It’s why part of every creative’s career training is learning to represent your work verbally.

If you’re a professional – you’re likely good at it already.

Only what happens when you present in English?

Being able to represent your work is never something you should compromise on.

Meaning matters.

Say what exactly you mean.

And say everything you wish to.

Say nothing less than what you wish.

Get help showing up as yourself in English.

Pure presentation online English course for artists and makers

Starting October 2024, Blue Noun Language Hub has 5 places for private coaching in Pure | Presentation Skills for Makers.

Pure English Language Goals

Feel increased confidence presenting your work to an audience.

Knowledge of language structures to link concepts together.

Certainty around which tense to use to describe past, present and future projects - and understand the power of each for your messaging.

Convincing messaging. Reach your audience through better adjectives to communicate concepts more clearly.

Be compelling. Have your audience fall in love with your work, through your storytelling.

Build a deep and lasting language memory which will aid ALL your future presentations.

Pure | Gain English skills for:

Artist Talks; Creative Industry Job Interviews; Product Demos; Describing & Presenting Production Processes; Describing Materials; Presenting Designs; Architecture Charettes & Presentations; Creative Workshops, Conferences & Collaborations.

About Presentation Coaching

Presentation Coaching is a specialism within English for Specific Purposes, a type of ESOL tuition which trains aspects of your English for better workplace performance.

Presentation Coaching is not a conversation class, rather, it’s a dedicated space to practice and ‘fine-tune’ presentation skills, honing the language skills YOU need to deliver information to audiences.

(It’s all about what you need to say!)

Insist on Experience

An ESOL coach does the most effective Presentation Coaching if they have a background in your field.

That’s why, at Blue Noun Language Hub, we only offer our Presentation Coaching to Makers.

Your lead coach, Ruth, has 20 years of experience presenting art and design work to the public.

She’s an expert at representing artists and artworks in public realms.
(See her profile).

You will feel like yourself in English, because we will fine-tune your presentation, getting YOUR words perfect and pure. 

The Pure Presentation Skills for Makers Course is only for artists, designers, micro-business owners, architects, and producers: professionals who need to perfect their answer to the question, ‘What do you make?’ for giving international presentations, collaborations and artist talks.

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Limited Places | Only 5 Available

The Pure Presentation Skills for Makers Course is only for artists, designers, micro-business owners, architects, and producers: professionals who need to perfect their answer to the question, ‘What do you make?’ for giving international presentations, collaborations and artist talks.

Is This You?

When you speak in English, you are well beyond the stage of having to translate everything in your head before replying.

You can respond quickly enough.

The problem is that sometimes you don’t say the right thing.

I don’t mean that you get your words or grammar wrong.

I mean that there’s still a gap between somebody saying something and you responding as you would in your first language.

Afterwards, do you replay the conversation in your head and think, that’s not exactly who I am?


It is common to choose the linguistically easier path over accuracy of meaning.

Like water flowing, words come out the easiest path. 

It will make you more black and white in English.

Less nuanced.

It’s a problem because in art, nuance really, really matters.

“Whatever your presentation style is in your first language – we’ll get that shining through in English.” 

Ruth Pringle, 2023

The Solution?

Just practise.

In general – more exposure to relaxed conversations will give time to stretch the parameters of what you can do and expand your range of automatic answers.

Of course, time is a luxury you don’t have with a job interview.

Increase your chances of success by rehearsing over and over with an expert from your field – so that there’s no blurt in contexts where everything that you say matters.

Invest in your English.

To fine-tune is to adjust precisely so as to bring to the highest level of performance or effectiveness.


The Pure | Presentations Skills for Makers Course is 6 weeks of private 1v1 coaching.
No group.
No others.

Expect 80% talk time (you) describing your work.

Your Transformation

Making compelling presentations and talks (and interviews) which tell the story of your work, projects, produce, art work or design work, without compromising who you are and what you wish to say.


International makers (or product representatives) with intermediate/upper-intermediate & advanced English-speaking levels, with a need to improve their English language skills for presenting their work, products and/or projects to an audience in various professional contexts.


6 weeks, beginning October, 2024

You choose your timeslot, either on Monday evenings, Wednesday mornings or Friday afternoons.

(NB: You keep the same timeslot each week for the 6 weeks).

We’ll arrange your time and Zoom links using WhatsApp (or Slack) when you book your course. 


  • 4 x 1hr 1v1 sessions (ESL coaching)
  • 2 x 1hr 1v1 live session with artists/producers & and ESL coach


The Pure | Presentations Skills for Makers Course is £595.

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Presentation Training

If you are a creative but not specifically searching for presentation skills, we recommend you take our Sketchbook English Online Course.

Sketchbook English also gives professional English skills for Creatives, without the intense focus on preparing for a specific Project Presentation &/or job interview.

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