English for
Art & Design Education

Feel proud of your English tuition

Art & Design School Directors

Imagine you are giving a tour of your art school, would you show your English classes?

You’ll show the studios, the workshops, and any student exhibitions.

You’ll show off the computer labs.

But do you throw the door open on your English tuition with the same pride and enthusiasm? 

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Instead of making your students learn, our method invites them into English-speaking spaces.

It saves time and resources and gets long-term results.

Are you ready to give your students control of their English?

About Our ELT Consultancy

Your best option is to outsource your English training to us. (Yes, even from Scotland we can deliver dynamic English tuition to Art Schools).

However, if that’s not possible, you can still hire us as consultants to improve your English tuition and/or implement a school-wide English strategy.

We can coordinate one-off events like Books Shares, Summer Workshops and Creative Challenges.

Feel Pride in Your English Tuition

If you answer, ‘yes of course’, you don’t need us.

You can trust that English will look like a creative playground.

However, if you would caution ‘this is just English class’ let us help make you feel proud of your English tuition. 

If you don’t think your English education has a place on the tour, you need our help.

It’s time to rethink English. 

Why is English Not Creative?

The reasons WHY you wouldn’t show your English are the reasons you need change.

Poor English tuition doesn’t just sabotage your students’ future language skills, it contaminates your whole learning environment and ethos.

English for Art & Design Education

Most art school English classes waste time, and resources, and fail to prepare students for using English within professional contexts after graduating.

Blue Noun Language Hub has been researching how ANY art school can improve the English of EVERY Degree or Masters level Art & Design student.

The result is an overhaul of assumptions about English in Art and Design Education.

Take a look at Why Old Ways DON’T Work.

Even if You don’t think English is an urgent problem.

We can offer you a new format, new targets and better learning outcomes in cost-effective ways.

We care about your students’ English – so you don’t have to!