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Who Do We Help?

Our ELT consultancy is remote help for International Art, Design & Architecture Schools.

You Need Us* If:


Your English department is out of date.


You would like an overview of the best pedagogic options available – for your students and your budget.


Your English department is not delivering the language skills creative professionals need.


You have an immediate English problem to solve: staff illness, strikes, or interview skill training missing from your programme.

*We are artist Ruth Pringle and a selection of partner artists & ELT experts. 


Your Best Option

Your best option is to outsource your English training to us. (Yes, even from Scotland we can deliver dynamic English tuition to Art Schools).

However, if that’s not possible, you can still hire us as consultants to improve your English tuition and/or implement a school-wide English strategy.

We can coordinate one-off events like Books Shares, Summer Workshops and Creative Challenges

Our language hub has the capacity to deliver bespoke English tuition to just 3 international art schools each academic year.

ELT consultancy for International Art, Design & Architecture Schools

How do you ensure ALL students leave your international art school with a better English level than the day they arrived?


With today’s technology, art students don’t need to sit in an ‘English class,’ they can improve their English with real-life experiences.

English learning can be practical if combined with:


Targeted teaching of English for Creative Careers


A school-wide English Strategy.

Art School Directors:


Do You know….



What’s achievable in the hours of English tuition you provide?

and what’s feasible in any period – ie: how much practice do your students need?


Ways to assess student other than scholarly tests

which measure knowledge not progress & effort made


What language skills to prioritise for a Creative Career

clue – it’s not vocabulary


The online resources and courses you could integrate into your curriculum

and how they can help your studnets.

In truth, the director of an art school can have a pretty poor idea of how good or bad their English department actually is.

Many international art school directors don’t know how to evaluate if their English department is meeting current needs.

Why not use our free diagnostic tool and see?

Discover quick wins to make it immediately better – and see how we can help you implement a school wide English strategy.

Take Our 10-Question Analysis and Learn if We Can Help! 

A School-Wide English Strategy:


English at art school should never be presented like a high school class.


The need for English should not feel like a chore to ANYONE (directors, staff or students).


Working on English should not leave students creative identity at the door.


Art school English classes need to be taught by teachers who are clear and informative on the life skills graduating artists need.

If your English classes look like high school classes,
you ARE failing your students.

English classes like high school classes:


Disempower and infantize students.


Make your students hugely resistant to any form of English learning.


Don’t serve neurodiverse students.


Fail to make English relevant to a professional creative practice.

The common excuse is that it’s hard to make English learning a priority in an art school environment.


At art school, English is regarded as the pyjamas under the Christmas tree. (Thoroughly useful – but hard to get excited about when there’s so much other cool stuff around).


Ruth Pringle, 2023

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English at Art School Should be Dynamic – and Open Doors onto the World

It can and should be taught like this!

At Blue Noun, our specialism is elevating English to be as interesting, creative, and expressive as any other art school subject.

We can give one-off advice to improve your students’ English tuition within the perameteres you need to meet.

Over the last 10 years, the student’s English needs have evolved. 

– Their average entrance language level has improved.

– Tools, technology and good ELT practice have all changed.

Has your English department?

As long as students are graduating into a world where otherwise excellent artists and designers may NEVER break into their careers – because they lack English; art schools, you owe your students to evaluate how well your English department is performing: and take action now to make improvements.



Ruth Pringle, 2023

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Our Expertise is Your Answer

Blue Noun are specialist in presenting the English language creatives need to know – in ways that motivate them to learn it.

We are a small team led by artist and course creator Ruth Pringle, Ba Hons / M.F.A., and a community of creatives. 

Ruth has held different teaching roles in various art and design schools in different countries:  more details.