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What is Amplify?

Amplify began as an online event for creatives all around the world.

We called it a Virtual-Artist-Residency-Workshop-Challenge-Thingie™️ and brought people together through a series of challenges. 

Now you can take the Amplify Challenge at any time you feel your creativity needs a boost.

Amplify will inspire you, amplify your impact and progress in your career.

Amplify. Is a 5-Day Challenge for ANY creative who needs a boost in the form of a creativity workshop & visibility challenge.

How Does it Work?

Sign up and sharpen your pencils.

Every day, a new creative challenge will arrive in your inbox.

Share the results in a group Whatsapp for international peer support.

What is a 5-Day Challenge?

See here.

Amplify Festival ticket

Is it an English Lesson?

The challenge is not language lessons.

Opportunities for international participants to improve their English for presenting and promoting their artwork are included in the festival.

It’s YOUR chance to amplify YOUR impact.


It’s £99.

Who is it for

All international creatives (especially, but not exclusively second language English users.) (It’s been a 50%/50% split so far).

Creative careers and creative energy ebbs and flows.

Take the Amplify Challenge if you are stuck some way in with your practice or with your career, including:

Having a creative block

Missing having a creative-minded community around you

Feeling isolated

Feeling your art/design work isn't progressing

Uncertain of the next step in your career

And/or you

Want to train yourself for a professional, international experience such as an artist residency or professional travel

Need to practice speaking English for your creative career

Aren't visible enough on social media.

Who is it by

The Amplify festival is by artist Ruth Pringle, from Blue Noun, an artist-run English language hub in Perthshire, (specialists of English language coaching for creative professionals).

The Format

5 daily challenges are emailed to you as short videos.

They are practical: designed to get you making & creating in ways that move your work in new directions.

We’ll be on WhatsApp/Slack, helping with ideas, giving language help:  or even just a chat about making.

Amplify is a simulation of being on an artist residency, with a chat about progress/results at the end of the day. 


Why Take the Amplify Challenge

Amplify is a celebration of international creatives and an exploration of how we can help each other.

Amplify. is a virtual artist residency.

Show up. Shine. Amplify.

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