In creating publicity for our Amplify Festival I thought of 7 different creative ‘types’ that Amplify would help.

These are professional creatives who would most benefit from taking part in this visibility challenge.


Which Creative Type Are You? 


1. The International Designer


Someone who needs to pitch designs and hold their own in conversations describing and explaining all aspects of design. Because their company is international, they frequently do this in English.

The international designer needs Amplify to grow confident English skills for their design career. 


The Busy Maker


This creative runs their own business & does all the marketing themselves.

They need their messaging to work harder for them.  


The Young Graduate


This creative recently completed an art/design degree, but is finding life after art school tough. If they don’t inject some momentum and fresh energy into their creative practice, they will struggle to get out of their rut. 

The Young Graduate needs Amplify. for energy, excitement and new influences. 


The Undiscovered Masterpiece-Maker

This Masterpiece Maker didn’t go to art school but makes remarkable & lovely things.

They need to sell their creations to quit their day job and do what they love, sometimes that’s tough in a world of graduates. (They get imposter syndrome).

The Masterpiece maker needs Amplify to build confidence to be themselves in a market full of graduates. 


The Creative Pioneer

This creative type is living in the UK (or another English-speaking country), working in a creative job and using English as a second language to work and make friends.

She finds it tough to understand everything and assimilate with all aspects of the culture.

She needs Amplify for the community and networking opportunities it offers. 

art installation mobile on window of glasgow

The Hungry Architect

This creative works for someone else.

They have a good job, but it’s not as creative as they would like.

They are not getting a chance to show off what they can do. 

They need Amplify for the opportunities to collaborate and to progress in their career. 


Covid Clipped Your Wings

This creative is another young graduate, but one who didn’t have the opportunity to travel or do work placement because of COVID-19.

Their CV looks just like their peers.

They need different cultural influences and practical work experiences to develop as creatives. 

They need Amplify for the travel, excitement and cultural immersion it offers.  

amplify festival logo

Which Creative Type Are You?

Don’t see yourself on this list?

I can still help you – and I can’t wait to find out what you are passionate about, and get you on track for telling the world. 


Amplify is a celebration of international creatives and an exploration of how we can help each other.

Amplify. is for artists, designers, makers & creative thinkers to come together, using all kinds of beautifully imperfect English.

There are tips and tasks for EVERY creative.

For some, it will be life-changing.