Why Does Everyone Get ‘Business English’ Immediately?

But can’t imagine what English for Creative Careers is?

Everyone can imagine an important deal going wrong because someone expressed themselves badly negotiating.

Most folks know international presentations have to be made, and companies operate globally.

But artists are not alone in their garrets wondering what the English word for ‘paintbrush’ is.

There’s more to competent English for Creative Careers than vocabulary! 

A Networking Celebration

Yesterday I joined Growbiz in celebrating their 15th birthday.

I talked to new people about teaching English for Creative Careers.

I received much interest and support, but a few misconceptions came to light.

This blog explores why English for Creative Industries is not just ‘Business English for Artists‘ – and why it’s so much more than ‘vocabulary for artists’.

This blog also celebrates getting a fresh perspective on your business statement, artist statement – or social media headline.

Some things really are too obvious to see yourself.


A Quick Introduction to Growbiz

In case you don’t know, Growbiz is a local organisation with a big impact. It offers business support and unites networks within rural businesses – championing causes as a single voice.

One of their networks is Perthshire Artisans – a sales and promotional platform for artists (and worth checking out to see what a collective marketing approach can do!)


networking event - coffee mug

A Break From Networking


Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic,  it’s been over two years since I took part in a big networking event, during which time my core business has changed.

For the first time, I introduced myself as an English language coach, specialising in English for Creative Industries.

I explained that I run a language school (and that we call it a hub), and we were hosting English Conversation Holidays. until it became impossible. 

And that I’m currently developing an online course specifically for artists and designers.



English for Creative Industries?

I was surprised to learn that I had to break down further what I do to people who were not in the ESL industry or creative sectors.

Everyone understood my job as providing vocabulary to artists, which it’s not.

Artists can find their own vocabulary!

English for Artists


Artists Need English to Present Their Work

Artists represent themselves and their artwork whenever they show up, and they need language skills to do this.



Lke business professionals, both artists and designers need specific formal language to present projects, pitch for commissions, work with contractors and apply for opportunities and jobs.


Like business professionals and scientists, both artists and designers need to collaborate with international peers and share information, knowledge and ideas.


(Also like the other two groups), artists and designers need a command of language that can be playful: they too need to hypothesise and experiment together

(Although there’s more often wine involved).


Similar to businesses, for artists social media is a commercial & professional space needing to be visible .

Unlike most businesses, artists and designers manage their social media profiles themselves. Unlike most business people, marketing on social media is a vital career skill: the more people you reach, the more your work is promoted – and the more sales and opportunities you have.

Love it or hate it, English is the Lingua Franca of the art world.

English Learning for Artists – by Design

For most, it’s difficult describing how you create – even in your first language.

Just imagine describing the artwork you make in a second language.

This is why, unlike Business English, there’s no one  ‘English for Artists Language Template.’

Everyone’s inspirations, processes and purposes are different – as well as the final output.


No one else can know what an artist needs to say – but we can help them say it.


Growbiz birthday networking event

Inspired by the Best

Growbiz wouldn’t tell you what you should do – or how to run your business – Growbiz enables you to run your own business, yourself.

In a similar vein, Blue Noun’s coaching helps you learn the English skills you need – and empowers you to use them with confidence.

The way we coach English for creatives is not by translating what you already know into English, – but by learning about artmaking WITH the language and THROUGH the language, so you develop an English-speaking identity in your practice.

It’s not business English adapted: it’s English learning for artists, by design.

Growbiz birthday networking event artist painting

We Know How Artists Work

Just as you have developed skills in particular software, or using a sewing machine or a printing press or in casting metal, if you need to learn something to develop your practice – you do it.

You absorb these skills into who you are as a creative – and how you make your work.

They become part of your creative voice.

English is just another tool and techinique to make your own!


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