English Coaching
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Speak English without Compromising Your Message

Gigs & Jams

Art careers are made by people clicking with each other in one context and reaching out in another.

It all feels informal, but within such gigs and jams are opportunities to impress,  promote yourself and propel your career forward.

Gigs & Jams is English coaching that is NOT about telling you who to be or what to say, but helping you to the tools to be YOURSELF in English.

Don’t compromise your message.

Own your English.


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Why Do Creatives Need Specialist English Training?

English for Creative Careers is not (as many people think), just art and design vocabulary wrapped in general English.

English for creatives rehearses all the language skills YOU need to make, promote and present creative work as an L2 English user across international art & design professions.

Creatives: choose a skilled, experienced English teacher/coach with a professional background in the arts. 

Their experience is the bridge between the language you need and being art career-ready.

What is English for Creative Careers?

About Blue Noun

Blue Noun is an artist-run independent English language school in Perthshire, Scotland (although we call it a ‘hub‘).

During the summer, we share Scotland through a menu of culture-led English practice conversation ‘immersion’ holidays.

Exploring Scotland by boat
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Enjoy English Year-Round

Holidays are a fun way to improve in English, but we’ve taken the tactile, social & creative experiences and converted them into online adventures in English. 

They are not just another online English course!

Enjoy our bespoke online Artist-Residency-Experiences.

We know what creative careers need – and how creative minds learn best.

Benefit from our authentic sources, purpose-built learning platforms, video chats, WhatsApp messaging – and our Network of Scottish Makers, Artists and Creative Professionals.

Learn English with us year-round, without leaving your studio. 

Culturally Rich English Experiences

Artists, designers and makers: seek creative development WHILE gaining professional English language skills.

This will deepen your feeling of belonging in English and uncover the exact terms you need to describe your work and processes. 

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