English for
Art & Design Education


We’ve thought about it, so you don’t have to.

Not ‘Make’ – Choose

Significantly improve your art students’ English abilities: stop making them take English lessons.

Offer professionally relevant English experiences which grow language skills for creative careers.

Implement a school-wide English-language strategy.

Engage Blue Noun Language Hub to deliver our 1% English Method to your students.

Even from Scotland, we keep language learning more real than any classroom!

You DON’T need an English teacher or an English classroom –  (your students will thank you for it!)

Impress with your English: hire us to deliver our 1% method to your students instead.  

Our language hub has the capacity to deliver bespoke English tuition to just 3 international art schools each academic year.

The 1 Per Cent Method

Girl in wood on phone for online english course for artists

The 1% Method

Results to share with the world!


Students select from our 10-option English menu.

We ask them,

How do you wish to achieve 1% better English this term?


A menu of language study options.

Clear & fair assessment criteria

1:1 support with English teachers

A core team of 3 x Artist-English teachers (& guest language specialists).

Blended learning options to save your student’s time and your school’s resources.


1 % progress is accumulative, over 3 x semesters per year.

(Does your current English tuition achieve this?)


Personalised coaching

Personal accountability

A lifetime of good English habits

No classrooms

No employees

Suits neurodiverse learners

Every student - progresses (no coasting for already good speakers).

Are you ready to give your students control of their English?

The 1 Per Cent Goal

With our system, 1% progress is a pass.

That’s it.

No grading.

No balancing obligatory English classes into a student’s end-of-term results.

Why Just 1%?

1 % progress is accumulative, over 3 x semesters per year.

(Does your current English tuition achieve this?)

Students will achieve much more than this by choice, not obligation. 

The 1 Per Cent Method

“The single best way to improve your students’ English is to stop making it feel like school.” 

Ruth Pringle, 2023

Give your students the message:

English is for them and THEIR Future.

The 1% Method Trains Students to:

Be curious language learners

Be curious language learners

Find their voice in English.

Become autonomous language learners

We’ll keep them accountable and on-track.

The 1% system gives tailor-made language progress, with tools and habits that last a lifetime.