Samples of the

1 % Method

A better way for your students to learn. 

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This page gives a few samples of the 1 Per Cent Method.

The next step is letting us know you are interested in Blue Noun providing Art School English Classes for your Students.

Over a video call we’ll learn the specifics of your school and adapt a course to your needs. 

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The 1% Principle

One principle of the 1% Method is that students need to achieve only 1% progress in their English to pass their grade for the semester.

Setting a low ‘must do’ target hands responsibility for progressing in English to the student.

Rich, interesting content will keep them engaged and learning without it feeling like high school.

The Menu

Students choose from a Menu how they achieve this (and we support their learning progress).

Real conversations

Instead of talking to each other (a big reason why traditional AD English classes fail), students will mix with international artists and students from other Art & Design colleges. 

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“Your students will mix with other international art students in Whatsapp groups, video calls and Club House


Ruth Pringle, 2023

Sample Menu for Students

Each student will be emailed their English options with a Typeform questionnaire. (See example.)


The 1% Method

Students choose from a list of 12 learning options.

They are presented in a format which looks like this:

Screenshot of Typeform for art students for English lessons

Menu | 1%

Option 2: Read a Book (fiction)

Students choose to read from our selection of 6 set books (fiction).


  1. Choose their book
  2. Keep a notebook of previously unknown vocabulary
  3. Make a quick sketch note/illustration per chapter.

3.   Submit the photos of vocab/sketches weekly.

4.   Have short, regular WhatsApp voice message chats about what they are reading.

This option is most suitable for mid-level students WHO ENJOY READING FICTION in their own language.

Any student taking this option agrees to keeping a notebook, sending weekly images & responding to a question on content within 24 hrs.

Menu | 1%

Option 4: Video

1. Once per month, students watch an artist interview from the Tate Archives (link will be emailed).

The video will create to a contemporary art & design theme (eg: public art, diaspora, craft skills).

2. The student makes notes on the video and submit a voice message summarising the film.

3. By the end of the month, each student has made their own 5-minute video on the same theme.

The student’s video can be any kind of interview or a presentation by the student (in English) or a creative or artist film.

(In the case of the 3rd option, the film is accompanied by a short text introducing to the work).

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Bonus Activities

Your students will be invited to drop into additional workshops, including:

Pronunciation Workshop by English coach Jennie Reed 

Mood Collage Workshop by artist Fiona McGarva

Journalling workshop by life coach and therapist Lhamo Grace.

Book Shares 

The workshops offer fun ways to get English practice into your students’ routines and build confidence.