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YOUR competitive advantage for Art School

Preparing a Portfolio for Art College

The single best way to improve your odds of getting into art school is to GET HELP preparing your portfolio.

The right coach can help you develop your ideas, showcase the right skills and keep you on track.

Parents and friends are the wrong people to advise you on this. Not only do they tend to think everything you do is good, if they have not been through this process themselves – they can’t advise you well.

Don’t miss out. Get coaching for Art School applicants.


Our Online Portfolio Coaching for Art College is £99 per session.

“Parents tend to UNDERESTIMATE how difficult it is to get accepted into art school.

They’ll tell you it’s good and right – when it really is not good enough… yet.”


Ruth Pringle, 2023

Don’t Be Alone

Every art school candidate needs someone overseeing the progression of their portfolio.

That’s someone who can push you, encourage you, and keep you accountable.

For most, that’s an art teacher at high school.

However, if you find yourself alone preparing your portfolio for any reason* – let us help you!

* You hate your art teacher. Or you are a so-called ‘mature student’ outside the system. Or you are applying to a UK art school as an international art student and not quite certain of the cultural differences in the portfolio process. 

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Portfolio Stars | Online Portfolio Coaching for Art College

Have you got stuck or confused building your portfolio for application to art school?

Would you like clear answers to your questions?

How good would it feel to get back to making work – INSPIRED – and KNOWING that you are producing the right sort of examples for the selection committee?

Trust us! You need to enjoy the pressure and stimulation of portfolio building – and hand that baby over with PRIDE!

The good news is our online portfolio coaching is available as a one-off session to ANYONE preparing a portfolio for entry into a UK / USA art school course (wherever you are in the world!)

Improve Your Odds

Between 10 + 30% of UK art school degree course applications are successful. 

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Get The Help & Advice you NEED

Right now, you, like thousands of peers around the world are preparing your art school application and accompanying portfolio.

You do have unique skills and abilities, but so do all the others.

It is not enough just to demonstrate creative talent and potential.

Your portfolio is how you show what kinds of creative you can be in the future.

You need to show WHO you will be both during the degree course and beyond.

This means that some portfolio elements are obvious to you now – but you alone have no way of knowing them all. 

Portfolio stars - portfolio coaching for international art school candidates

Just book the time which suits you.

We’ll email tips for preparing for your Video call.


Our Online Portfolio Coaching for Art College is £99 per session.

Portfolio Stars could save you YEARS.

If you are unsuccessful with your college application, you will need to take at least 1 foundation course to build your portfolio to art school entrance standard.

You do still need a plan B (there’s no guarantee).

But isn’t it a good idea to improve your odds?


Ruth, English teacher and portfolio coach
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Hi, I’m Ruth

As an Artist and English language coach, I’ve helped hundreds of artists and designers in their careers.

I have taught on several Art School Foundations,  Degree & Masters Programmes, and sat on panels for exhibitions, MFA applications & undergraduate applications.

I’m dedicated to getting young artists started in their careers.

“If art school is within your reach, I will help you reach out and grab it.”


Ruth Pringle, 2023

Tips for Art School Candidates

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