Sketchbook English Compatibility Check


Is This Course Right for You?

Sketchbook English is an online ‘hybrid’ English course designed for international Artists, Designers, Makers, and Creative Thinkers.

It links their English skills to their studio practice, through working through a series of creative challenges.



Question 1

Are you over 18 and:

– An art student or an art & design professional?


–  A creative thinker – including scientist, mathematician, philosopher, or writer.


– You work in a creative job/industry?

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Question 2


Do you:

– Have an English level of intermediate (CEFR B1 / ILTS 4/5) or above?



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Question 3

Can you:

– Commit at least 5 hours a week (flexible timing) to the Sketchbook English course for the next 12 weeks?

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The Sketchbook English Online Course is £1250 

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Notes on Question 01

Sketchbook English is a combination of art making AND English. It is designed for professional makers. You need to be an experienced maker with TRAINING in art & design OR in creative thinking to benefit from this course.


Sketchbook English is an art school-level art course wrapped up in an ESL English language course.


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Notes on Question 02

Sketchbook English is designed to develop English from lower-intermediate (B1) towards upper-intermediate (B2) OR (B2) towards lower advanced level (C1).

This means that it assumes you have some knowledge of past tense, present perfect, and conditionals. (Sketchbook English doesn’t introduce this grammar but it practices it).

The outcomes will be increased fluency and comprehension of your area of specialisation (art & design).

Find out about Proficiency Levels.


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Notes on Question 03

Sketchbook English is a 12-week course.

It is a 60-hour commitment (5 hours per week).

Those 60 hours are roughly 30 hours on creative development & 30 hours on English learning (except these hours overlap).

It is packed full of good learning content.

It is designed as an enjoyable way for busy creatives to integrate English with your studio practice,

Sketchbook English will help you show up, but it doesn’t do the work for you. 

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