Today I’m celebrating getting the Sketchbook English Online English Course for artists and designers live.

In case you don’t yet know, Sketchbook English is a unique English learning experience.

Let me tell you a little about designing the course – and why you would want to use it!

What Does it Look Like?

Sketchbook English is a 12-week course, partly delivered over a custom-built online portal, but mostly delivered through WhatsApp chats


Subscribers to the course follow the programme as if it is an art school-level PRACTICAL English class.

They use their sketchbook, drawing/design skills, cameras (and all kinds of media) to respond to creative challenges.

The act of completing each practical challenge unearths the very vocabulary they need to describe their artwork. 

Most English ‘classes’ have teachers preparing the content, but in art, I don’t know what you need to say or how you want to say it, unless I’m part of that making process. 

With Sketchbook English, you work through the programme and DISCOVER YOURSELF the exact language YOU need.

Who is Involved?

Sketchbook English is intimate.

There’s no public community,

Unusually, for an English course, there is no element of speaking in front of other L2 language users.

Instead, subscribers chat  via Slack/WhatsApp, and describe what they are working on – and how they completed each challenge.

We have a Network of Scottish Artists, Designers and Makers we bring into conversations to help you practice.

    What Language Does this Online English Course for Artists Teach?

    Sketchbook English is intended for all creatives, makers, artists and designers who need to describe their creative work.

    This is unique and specific language that is very hard to pick up in a more traditional English course. 


    Sketchbook English isn’t a grammar-based course at all, but it will help you identify which tense/grammar structure you need for each purpose as you respond to each question, helping you become more confident about the languae structures you know already.   

    Watch the video tour of the website’s front-facing pages for help getting started.

    Why Now?

    Blue Noun Language Hub is an alternative English language school.

    For 3 years we used our art backgrounds to help a wide range of professionals get into English through culture and creativity.

    When COVID hit, the world went online – only we couldn’t immediately work out how to convert tactile, creative art-making English experiences online. 

    It took 2 years of thinking before the idea came 

    Now we can get back to doing what only we can do: helping artists with their second language English needs.

    And without you leaving your studio!

      How Can Online Learning Be Creative?


      It’s a very creative experience.

      It’s not a typical online course at all – and no one else offers anything similar.

      Our speciality is knowing the specific language outcomes artists and designers need to succeed in their careers – and delivering them in engaging, memorable ways.

      It’s very varied. As you can imagine, the English needs of Architects differ to Fine Art careers.

      Certain language skills do overlap, and  these for the structure of the course.

      Everyone answers the same questions – they just do so differently!

        On What Authority?


        Helping international early-career artists with their English is my speciality and passion, thanks to a unique combination of years of art school teaching and life as an artist.

        I’ve taught on Architecture, Product Design, Graphic Design, 2D Design, 3D Design, Illustration, Foundations and Art History courses!

        As well as Fine Art courses in both France and the USA.